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Why South Park Shops?

Convenience, Outstanding Location and Community Involvement

South Park Shops is a central hub of activity located at the confluence of five roads creating a site of exceptional convenience in the heart of the affluent South Hills. It’s location at the primary entrance to Allegheny County’s South Park is well known due to the extensive park activities and programs drawing around 4.2 million visitors on a year-round basis.
Other key attributes include:

  • The Bethel Park community is a dense trade area, the 13th most affluent zip code out of 94 in the Pittsburgh area, and the 15th most affluent out of 214 zip codes in the six-County area.
  • Customers are attracted weekly by Pittsburgh’s three major supermarkets: Giant Eagle, Shop’N Save and Aldi’s, the shadow anchors of South Park Shops. With the opening of Walmart in 2005, this area has become the dominant retail concentration along the Route 88 corridor.
  • Facing Baptist Road and Route 88 along with seven curb cuts, stores enjoy excellent visibility, easy ingress and egress, and exposure to more than 36,000 cars daily.
  • Long-established and successful tenants are the best indicators of the desirability of this location; these include: Rite Aid, Brentwood Bank and predecessors, McDonald’s, Eat’n Park and Shear Talent, all in occupancy over 40 years.
  • Owners aim for high standards of cleanliness, maintenance and security.
  • Effective promotional programs have developed community awareness and loyalty to South Park Shops.
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